Understanding the complex needs of our clients, Lusi Constructions offers flexibility in our delivery of construction services. General Contracting, construction management, and design/build are three major options, each presenting distinct features and advantages. Our strength is in our unusual ability to dialog effectively with all the entities that each project brings together, and to combine different aspects of each method, addressing the unique goals and circumstances of individual clients.

General Contracting. In this traditional method, the design and build functions are separate. After a design contract is awarded and completed, the design is then submitted to a general contractor for pricing. The advantage of this method is our clients ability to minimize cost through a competitive bid process.

Construction Management. Similar to general contracting, this method typically separates the design and build functions. However, in construction management, a construction manager divides the work into trade packages that may be bid separately, then presents a selection of trade contractors. With construction management, our client experiences more control over the awarding of trade contracts.

Design/Build. Under this increasingly popular method, the design/build responsibilites are combined and awarded toone firm. The primary advantage of this method is the single-point accountability, which eliminates potential disputes that may otherwise occur between designer and builder when these functions are contracted separately.

Whether you choose general contracting, construction management, design/build, or an analysis in the planning and pre-construction phase to determine the most appropriate combination of methods, we complete your project efficiently and systematically using technology, outstanding workmanship, and vision.