Federal Building and Court House
Providence, Rhode Island


Edward Rowse Architects, Inc.
Providence, RI

Feingold Alexander & Associates
Boston, MA


General Contractor: Historic Restoration


This grand Providence landmark was authentically restored to recreate by-gone splendor. The scope of the work included miscellaneous demolition, all new electrical and HVAC, major structural repair, interior restoration and cleaning of all limestone, marble, and terrazzo. Through experimentaion and trial with stones, dyes, and pigments, interior terrazzo, limestone, and marble were created to replicate one-hundred-year-old existing materials.
In all the courtrooms, paneling and molding was stripped to bare wood, bronze rails were replicated to match existing rails, mahogany courtroom tables were hand-carved, and modern communications technology was installed.

In all the corridors throughout the building, the existing terrazzo, limestone, and marble floors were cleaned and replicated to match existing materials.